Tramadol is a strong analgesic of the central diya. Analgesuezucha has a couple of hats: Slurfing with opioid receptors, which is mitigated by pain, as well as slurfing of norepinephrine and stimuli of low norepinephrine norepinephrine efficacies, in addition to which the transfer of painful impulses in the spinal cord. The analgesic effect is the result of synergistic activity of both mechanisms. Tramadol is not responsible for the dichanesis and the breakdown of cardiovascular diality. It is a great success and a triumph of years.



If an oral reception tramadol shvidko and majeza will be soaked from the schlunkovo-kishkovoe path. Therapeutic concentrate reaches the maximum in 2 years, reaches the maximum in 4 years and triples in 12 years. It is expected to become 20% plasma. Tramodol permeates the placenta, and its concentrate in the umbilical cord blood becomes 80% of the visible concentrate in the bloodstream.90% of tramadol and yoga metabolites are injected by nicks, and the liver is injected by stool. The period of cultivation becomes 5-6 years and is one year for tramadol and yoga metabolites.When entrusted with the functions of the nicknames of shvydkisty and ekskretsii steps to change, it is recommended for patients with creatine clergy less than 30 ml / hv to change the dosage, or to increase the level of the intervalue of each injected. 

For patients over 75 roubles the maximum concentration of the preparation in the blood is increased, and during the period of administration it is advisable to increase the amount of the dose.Showcased for congestion Strong and measured increase in the number of injuries (injury, fracture), strong neuralgia, excessive implicit fluffiness, myocardial infarction, dyagnotic and therapeutic procedures).

We recommend the same dialing scheme: Doroslivi and children over 14 roubles of: take 20 petals (50 mg) orally with a small number of cells or on the ground. If there is a lack of efficiency, repeat the dose after 30 – 60 cc.Dimensions of 1 to 14 rockets: take 1 to 2 mg/kg of body mass. Dosage added – 4 -8 mg/kg.Repeated doses can be taken after 4-6-year interval.It is not recommended to take a dose of Tramadol greater than 400 mg (160 speckles – 4 ml), for the prevention of depression of sore throats and sore throats with severe psislaoperatic pain, such that the dose can be up to 600 mg.For patients with nirkovoyu or liver disease it is recommended to reduce the dose and zbilshuvati intervalues of male injections. For patients with creatine crystals less than 30 ml/hv it is recommended to cure double sulfuvatitis and intervalues of miro impurities.Patients over 75 roubles are not recommended to cure a dose of more than 300 mg (120 sprinkles – 3 ml).Tramadol is not recommended to constrict a higher dose, absolutely necessary for drinking.

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