Intimate rejuvenation: trend or necessity?

In the last decade, a powerful rethinking of the topic of age and has been going on in society. The main essence of changing moods is that age is no longer the reason for abandoning the usual way of life and pleasures. An active fight against ageism (age discrimination) is combined with the desire to look young. People want to stay active, regardless of age: build a career, travel, learn new things, start romance. The popularity (and availability!) of face and figure rejuvenation technologies is growing. But not only: women strive to preserve the youth of the most delicate parts of the body.

We talked with the specialists of our gynecology department and learned about the three main methods of intimate rejuvenation.


Let’s say right away: alas, the natural aging processes affect absolutely everything. With age (and this process starts already at about 35 years old), the production of its own high-quality collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin, begins to decrease. Closer to 50 years, the amount of female hormones – estrogens, which are responsible for the production of collagen, decreases. Accordingly, our tissues lose their tone, and these changes appear not only on the skin of the face and body, but also in the intimate area. The quality of sexual life decreases, dissatisfaction and psychological discomfort arise. However, as we have already said, we are not going to grow old. Let’s take a closer look at ways to restore youth to the intimate zone – and enhance the brightness of sexual impressions.


As we have already said, the tissues in the intimate zone are subject to exactly the same age-related processes as our entire body. In the middle and late reproductive age, the tone of the labia minora and labia majora decreases, and the layer of adipose tissue decreases in the labia majora. In addition, women face such a problem as mucosal atrophy, and this is no longer an aesthetic problem, but discomfort. All these moments can be corrected with the help of injections of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, which can restore the lost volume, tone and restore the mucosa.

Also, with age, the tone in the walls of the vagina also decreases – and this can also be successfully corrected with the help of fillers. In addition, fillers can stimulate the G-spot, which will bring additional sensations. By the way, this technique is successfully used not only in the correction of age-related changes, but also in the structural features of organs. Also, the introduction of fillers can be a good prevention of the development of urinary incontinence.

With the help of injections, it is also possible to focus on the clitoris, if it is not sufficiently pronounced, its sensitivity is reduced and the patient wants to enhance the sensations.

According to gynecologists, the introduction of fillers gives a really very good effect when performed according to indications (this can be found out at a consultation with your doctor).


With age, especially if a woman had a natural birth, a condition such as vaginal relaxation syndrome is possible. This is a significant decrease in the elasticity and tone of the walls of the vagina, causing dissatisfaction with intimate life. As a rule, vaginal relaxation syndrome is caused by a decrease in the content of collagen, which is responsible for tissue elasticity. It is produced by hormones – estrogens, and over the years their number in a woman’s body is reduced. The Fotona device acts on collagen fibers, shrinking them due to heat exposure, and stimulates the production of its own collagen. Thus, there is not only a mechanical narrowing of the vagina due to tissue contraction, but also an improvement in the quality of the mucosa, an increase in elasticity.

The procedure is absolutely painless, it is an outpatient procedure and does not require special preparation (read more here). The effect is noticeable after the first procedure. As a rule, two are required, but your gynecologist will tell you for sure after the examination.


And finally, a topic that still causes an ambiguous reaction: the appearance of the labia. And here the answer is simple: if a woman is not satisfied with something in the intimate area, she can change it if she wants. For example, there are situations when greatly enlarged labia can cause psychological or physical discomfort. For example, they cause difficulties with wearing clothes or lacy underwear, women are embarrassed by their features in front of a partner or just in the locker room of the pool. Surgery comes to the rescue – labioplasty, or intimate plastic surgery. Such operations are not complex, well tolerated by patients, performed on an outpatient basis (that is, without hospitalization), and the tissues heal quite quickly. The result of labioplasty stays with you forever, you forget about discomfort and enjoy your body and intimate life.

In addition, intimate plastic surgery can solve other problems that are not directly related to age:

post-traumatic or postoperative deformities of the labia;
congenital asymmetry;
postpartum defects.

So, you understand that the beauty and youth of the intimate zone, the brightness of sexual impressions, getting rid of old complexes – everything is possible! Your gynecologist will help you choose the best method in your case (and possibly a combination of them).

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