Heart attack is not a reason for despondency

Once, Georges Simenon – the father-creator of the great commissar Maigret – had serious heart problems. Simenon, a lover of a tasty life, never parting with a pipe and swingo and not thinking writing without a bottle of Bordeaux, instantly quit drinking and smoking. He probably knew that a third of people who have had a heart attack have a second attack within a year. And the first thing that any doctor will tell you, as soon as you come to your senses after a terrible heart attack test – quit smoking!

Without waiting for Monday

Doctors begin to rehabilitate a patient after a heart attack while still in the hospital: they will prescribe medications, a course of physiotherapy exercises, then they will be sent to a sanatorium for some time. But the success of recovery is half dependent on the patient, because the main condition for rehabilitation is a change in lifestyle. That is, a healthy diet, competent physical activity, proper sleep, timely pills.

Actually, all these actions are aimed at lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels and … stabilizing the emotional state.

On the main scourges of society

Smoking affects the vascular wall, whether there are atherosclerotic plaques or not. Just six months of abstinence reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease several times.

Doctors are not so categorical about alcohol. For prevention, many even recommend a glass of brandy or a glass of wine every day.

Labardan on the table!

The Soviet government was not so wrong when it organized a fish day for the workers of the entire giant USSR on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fish twice a week is a scientifically proven necessity even for a relatively healthy person. And for a heart attack survivor, it’s just a matter of life. Fish lowers blood cholesterol levels. We need cholesterol to build the walls of blood vessels. But when there is a lot of it, it clogs up these vessels. Hence – heart attacks and strokes.

Happy athletes

Young athletic man has a sudden heart attack

Physiotherapy exercises solve a whole bunch of problems – it puts in order the pulse and pressure, loses excess weight, and along with weight – the same pressure and excess cholesterol, and … improves mood. The patient’s first training takes place under the supervision of doctors and modern medical equipment. Then the set of prescribed exercises will need to be performed independently.

Try walking up to 10,000 steps a day. In fact, it is only an hour at a leisurely pace.

What exactly is prohibited in the first months after an illness is swimming. It gives the most severe stress to the fragile heart.

Of course, almost the main conspiracy of all attending doctors is not to worry. It has already been noted that a healthy diet and regular exercise can improve mood. And if it’s still in the fresh air, but with a group of like-minded people …

A heart attack is not a sentence. Do not make yourself a disabled person ahead of time. If you want to extend your normal life for many years, do not be lazy – follow not so difficult rules. After all, living a healthy lifestyle is much more enjoyable than going through hell once again called a heart attack.

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