Diabetes mellitus: symptoms of the disease

In the early stages, the symptoms of diabetes may be mild, absent at all or mixed with the symptomatology of other pathologies, which requires differential diagnosis. By the way, it sometimes helps against diabetes: https://pillintrip.com/medicine/sustagen. However, there are a number of signs that should be treated with special attention. Among them:

Dry mouth with normal water intake;
frequent urge to urinate;
dry and itchy skin on the palms of the hands, elbows, feet;
Constant feeling of hunger;
rapid weight gain;
slow healing of wounds;
increased sweating;
Constant feeling of fatigue, low performance,
Complicated course of the disease
Prolonged absence of therapeutic measures adds to the main symptoms signs of complications:

drastic drop in vision and disturbances in the structure of the eyeball;
Increased blood pressure;
disorders of lipid metabolism with atherosclerosis of the vessels;
severe swelling of tissues;
smell of acetone in the urine;
neurological pains in the heart area;
decreased sensitivity of the hands and feet.
A side note! In neglected cases of acidosis (acidification of the body), patients develop lactocidotic coma, which can lead to severe consequences, up to and including death. Urgent hospitalization to restore acid-base balance is the only possible solution. Hemodialysis, artificial hyperventilation and forced alkalinization with small doses of sodium bicarbonate are performed at the hospital.

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