A stuffy nose, a debilitating cough, conjunctivitis, diarrhea or a rash – if this is a daily occurrence in one of your households, you need to help them.

Allergic diseases are the third most common chronic disease in the world. Every 10 years, the number of cases doubles. According to the latest figures, more than 17 million Europeans suffer from food allergies, almost 70 million suffer from asthma and 170 million suffer from symptoms of airborne pollen allergy in spring and summer. One way to help yourself is to take Oftalmolosa Cusi Hidrocortisona.

In Europe about 40% of people report being allergic to at least one allergen, although this is not always confirmed by appropriate tests. Very few patients still come to allergy clinics. Many types of allergies are treated incorrectly, for example, food allergies are recognized as poisoning, allergic rhinitis, and the onset of asthma as a recurrent cold.

Diagnosis of allergies

Diagnosing allergies is a difficult task, since skin and blood tests do not always give a complete picture of the disease. In the most difficult cases, it can take months or even years before all the allergens and their cross-sections can be identified and effective treatment begun. However, it is definitely worth trying, because living with untreated allergies is difficult and dangerous.

One way to help yourself is to take Oftalmolosa Cusi Hidrocortisona.
One way to help yourself is to take Oftalmolosa Cusi Hidrocortisona.

Life-threatening anaphylactic shock can theoretically result from any type of allergen, but in practice it most often results from insect bites, and drug or food allergens.

When allergy symptoms occur, you should not self-medicate and take random over-the-counter antihistamines, especially if the immune reactions are severe and frequent. Allergy treatment should be approached methodically.

Thanks to tests (skin tests, blood tests, and sometimes provocation tests) it becomes clear what the patient is allergic to and to what extent. Sometimes a cross-allergy develops, in which case the experience and knowledge of the doctor cannot be overestimated.

You have to be careful about alternative methods of dealing with allergies. There is no scientific evidence that allergies respond to bioenergetic therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy or homeopathy. It is especially dangerous to treat bronchial asthma with unconventional methods alone – you can make the disease very serious.

The most common symptoms of allergies

The most common allergy in our country is an allergy to dust, specifically mites in house dust. Immune symptoms typical of this allergy include:

  • runny nose;
  • cough;
  • A scratchy throat;
  • asthmatic shortness of breath;
  • occasional skin changes.
One way to help yourself is to take Oftalmolosa Cusi Hidrocortisona.
One way to help yourself is to take Oftalmolosa Cusi Hidrocortisona.

Similar symptoms plague allergy sufferers who are allergic to pollen from trees, shrubs, and grasses. Unlucky people allergic to the greatest amount of plant pollen have only three months of the year without excruciating immune reactions. The same signs indicate allergies to mold spores and fur of fur-bearing animals. By the way, allergens are found in the saliva, urine, feces and sebum secretions of our pets.

Food products – cow’s milk, eggs, grains, citrus fruits, nuts, cocoa, preservatives and other additives added to food – are very strong and sensitizing in various ways. And foods that contain histamine, such as blue and yellow cheese, salami, fish and seafood, beer and wine. The most common symptoms of food allergies are:

  • gas;
  • diarrhoea;
  • burning in the tongue;
  • swelling;
  • hives.

What is atopy?

Contact allergies, whose most common symptoms are metals (mostly nickel, chromium, cobalt), detergents, perfumes, cosmetics or latex, are increasingly turning into contact eczema. Symptoms of atopic dermatitis include swelling, redness, itching, and flaking of the skin.

One way to help yourself is to take Oftalmolosa Cusi Hidrocortisona.
One way to help yourself is to take Oftalmolosa Cusi Hidrocortisona.

Having an allergy to Hymenoptera venom is very dangerous. This allergy is characterized by large local reactions and even generalized allergic reactions (anaphylactic shock). Some clothing can also cause allergies. To prevent this, you might want to order them from:

Allergies to certain medications can also have dangerous consequences. Hypersensitivity is most often associated with antibiotics such as penicillins, cephalosporins and sulfonamides, as well as acetylsalicylic acid and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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